Project partners

Coordinator: University of Rome Foro Italico (Università di Roma Foro Italico), Italy

The University of Rome “Foro Italico” – the City’s 4th State university – is the only Italian and one of the few European vocational universities entirely devoted to sport and exercise science. The University, established in 1928, is located in the monumental area of Foro Italico in Rome, where are placed some of the City’s most famous sport structures. The University ranks among Italy’s top universities in terms of structures and teaching staff available per student, with about 2500 students and 60 faculty members. It is highly committed to European cooperation and firmly rooted in the world of sports science, with a significant presence in international organisations devoted to both academic and scientific collaboration among HEIs, such as UNICA (Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe), UNIMED (Mediterranean Uni- versities Union), ECSS (European College of Sport Science), ENSE (European Network of Sport Education), EAS (European Athlete as Student), EFSMA (European Federation of Sports Medicine Association), FIMS (International Federation of Sports Medicine).

At present, the University of Rome “Foro Italico” has Erasmus+ K103 inter-institutional agreements with 88 European universities and K107 inter-institutional agreements with four non-European universities in Serbia and Taiwan. Besides, it has signed cooperation agreements with 34 Partner Country universities in Albania, Argentina, USA, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Belarus Republic, China, Japan, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99). It is currently participating in 8 Erasmus + projects within the Sport action, either as coordinator or partner HEI, focusing on two main areas:

  • Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and being in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines and the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Promote education in and through sport with particular focus on skills development, as well as support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes.

The University of Rome “Foro Italico” acted as coordinating institution of four successful Tempus joint projects aiming to reform the 1st and 2nd level sports science university curricula in the Balkans and Egypt.

The University’s learning and research activities are based on the principle that physical movement and sport contribute to the wellbeing of people, the community and society in general, and that they represent a significant resource. The university is strongly committed to promoting the ethical value of physical activity and sport to respect and enhance all the aspects of a human being.

Currently, the University of Rome “Foro Italico” offers a 3-year bachelor’s degree (BSc) and four master’s Courses (2-year MSc). One of which is taught entirely in English (European Master of Science in Health & Physical Activity, in consortium with other four leading EU universities in the field, and further research-oriented postgraduate course (3-year PhD). The Department of Movement offers the Degree courses, Human and Health Sciences, including three areas: Human Movement and Sport Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, Health Sciences. The university has also developed a modern Language and Audio-Visual technology centre (CLA) offering basic and advanced language courses and implementing innovative online courses.

Partner 1: IJF Academy Foundation, Malta
Judo is a sport that has many attributes that can positively influence youth and society overall. Besides being one of the most popular Olympic sports, the education component of judo and its effect on the chil- dren at an early age represents the foundation of judo as a lifestyle in addition to being a sport. The International Judo Federation, the world governing body of judo, implements several projects besides the elite competitive sports competition system.

The IJF Academy was established in 2013 as the teaching arm of the IJF. The duties of the Academy are to provide professional education in all sectors of Judo. These courses are delivered through an online and/or blended program, with all the theoretical lessons provided online and the practical sessions delivered in one or two-week sessions. The graduates of the IJF Academy are trained to work with children and adults at each individual’s level of technical skill development and also at managerial levels depending on the programmes.

During the past six years, we learned better how to deliver our courses and how to guide our students to discipline themselves in the organisation of their studies. In collaboration with our IT section, we continued to make our platform more user-friendly and more secure, with the enhancement of facial recognition amongst other modern technologies.

It is estimated that over 40 million judoka practise judo around the world. A very small percentage go for the competition; therefore, the IJF Academy has been entrusted to give professional education and formation to all our coaching and refereeing sectors and also provide managerial skills.

Judo is in a better position than many other sports as the founder of judo Professor Jigoro Kano was the minister responsible for Physical education in Japan and had developed Judo from the martial art of Jujitsu as a primary form for physical education. Jigoro Kano is known for his many quotations. Still, the one that we find most relevant to the Academy and which we have adopted as our motto is:

„Nothing under the sun is greater than education. By educating one person and sending him into the society of his generation, we make a contribution extending a hundred generations to come.“

Partner 2: JUDO CLUB GOLOVEC, Slovenia
Judo Club Golovec (JCG) is a non-profit, community-based sports organization located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is the only Slovenian judo club registered at the Kodokan Institute in Tokyo, whose founder is Jigoro Kano, the father of judo. The club is member of the Slovenian Judo Federation.

The development of the club is based on knowledge and tradition. The beginnings of the JCG date back to 1978. Knowledge is the fundamental value of the club’s management. Due to the professionalism of its individuals, the club is also renowned in the Slovene and international judo environment. The club follows a slogan ”Judo is more than sport” and is open to collaboration and cooperation with other local also non- sport organisations and institutes to serve this purpose. Participation in the club is to open to all members and non-members irrespective of age, colour, race, gender, class, country of origin, place of residence, language and ability.

In addition to implementing the basic mission of providing judo training for all generations, in the last three years, many efforts have been invested in a broader educational mission: to contribute to a better quality of life and sustainable progress in the local community. We develop our story through various domestic and European projects. Such as Judo ukemi lessons in Schools: exercise and keep fit classes for seniors in Homes for the Elderly in Ljubljana: EU projects on topics like Volunteering & Inclusion and Combat bullying trough judo for youngsters: Easy Steps to a healthier life (Bee Well), etc.

Over the generations, more than 1,500 judokas of which many top competitors have been practising judo in the Club. The Club has three judo instructors and 3 Judo Managers of a high profile with recognised IJF Academy judo education (Certified Judo Instructor, Certified Judo Manager) and 150 active members and operates at 8 locations in Ljubljana and its surroundings. In recent years, in line with market demand, the training programmes have been modernized, educational and promotional activities have been added, especially for target groups that are not active in judo.

Rijeka Sport’s Association (RSS), allying all sporting clubs within the City of Rijeka, in accordance with art.48 of Sports Act, is the promoter of the Programme of public sports programme co- funding in the City of Rijeka, which is presented through the City administration department for sports and technical culture to the government of the City of Rijeka and to the City Council of Rijeka for adoption.

RSS is a non-profit community of sports clubs and associations of the City of Rijeka whose goal is to contribute to the development and promotion of sports, encourage top creativity and create conditions for achieving top sports, development of sports activities for children and youth, sports and recreational activities of citizens and people with disabilities, promoting the educational functions of sports, fair play, understanding, tolerance and responsibility through playing sports and spreading Olympic ideals and strengthening the Olympic movement.

RSS is an umbrella organization that unites all sports clubs of the City of Rijeka, and the main tasks are as follows: coordinate the activities of its members (sports clubs), promote and encourage sports following the National Sports Program – especially sports for children, youth and students, perform tasks in the implementation of the National Sports Program – i.e. the annual program of implementation of the National Sports Program, unite and harmonize sports activities and prepare a proposal of the program of public needs in sports and care for its realization submitting reports on program implementation, care for top athletes and participates in creating conditions for their preparation for the Olympic Games, world and European championships, other international competitions, participate in creating conditions for the implementation of health care for athletes, participate in the implementation of programs and policies of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Paralympic Committee and Croatian Sports Association of the Deaf.

Rijeka Sports Association has initiated the development of the development Strategy of sport for a period 2021 -2027, and set following goals:

  • Improving functioning of competitive sport conducted by sport clubs through predefined fixed co-funding that allows programmed activities in accordance with international and national regulations in order to achieve top athletic performance.
  • Encouraging the development and maintenance of stable sport clubs that attract high media attention, and whose activities and sport achievements directly affect how the image of the sport and the city of Rijeka in general is created.
  • Involvement of top athletes in the social life of the city and sports programs, opening a Multimedia sports centre and a start-up incubator for developing new programs and their integration with existing ones
  • Bidding for hosting major international sports events and the further development of existing recognizable sporting events that have high promotional value for the city.
  • Easy access to organized sports programs for all interested youngsters, regardless of their status and financial abilities, encouraging their participation thorough better co-financing.
  • Creating better conditions for employment of professional coaching staff through incentive programs for hiring coaches as the primary need for the proper functioning of sport.
  • Development of joint programs that connect sports activities preschool and school education, universities, health and social welfare.
  • Integrating and adapting existing sports programmes to demands of modern society in order to achieve high quality while reducing costs and optimizing resources
  • Increase the number of people covered by public programs in the sport of Rijeka in order to reach other European countries standards.
  • Transforming Rijeka in true centre of the region for the development of Kinesiology and complementary sciences in collaboration with the University of Rijeka and the development of congress tourism based on a themes connected with sport.
  • Planning, construction, maintenance and utilization of sporting facilities and structures of significance for the local/regional self- governing unit.

Programme fields of public sports programme co-funding within the City of Rijeka comprise all the above-mentioned activities, with differences concerning certain programmes timing.


Rijeka Sport’s Association is involved either in capacity of co- sponsors or technical promoter in all major international competitions taking place in Rijeka, as well as traditional sports events of significance for the City of Rijeka.


Partner 4: Judo Club Liberty Oradea – Romania
Judo Club Liberty Oradea is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental, private club, located in Northern Romania in the city of Oradea. Our judo club is a member of the Romanian Judo Federation.

Judo Club Liberty Oradea is a club with a great judo tradition and legacy. It was founded in 1996 by the International Judo Federation President Mr Marius Vizer. Throughout his support and involvement, the club managed to gather hundreds of judokas that learned judo. They got the chance to become top judo players, judo teachers and coaches (Sensei), self-defence experts for the local Police forces and positive role models in our society.

Judo Club Liberty Oradea won in 1999 the European Club Cup and also many other trophies and medals in national and international competitions in every age group from children to senior level.

Currently, the club’s activities are on-going throughout the week with judo training, in the weekend’s judo competitions, monthly with judo events for kids, families and community, judo belt exams twice a year, and so on for and with more than 150 judoka and their families.

Our judo activities are multilateral, multicultural and reach many fields of education, such as:

  • Judo for Beginners where children start to learn the basic motoric skills like how to run, fall, jump, add space awareness and balance to their physical development and also become familiar with the Judo Way of Life.
  • Judo Education for advanced children/persons where besides the technical and physical progress, we are also focusing on the human character of Judo in terms of discipline, moral values and social inclusion.
  • Judo Performance for judokas that use Judo as a way of life and found great passion and joy while learning and training together. We promote an enjoyment of learning, creativity and excellence while working in close harmony with our diverse community.

For almost 24 years, Judo Club Liberty Oradea maintained the mission of educating and adding value to our community. Our goal is to help developing actual and future generations of children and adults to be happier, healthier and motivated to learn self-defence, apply safety measures for them and those in need. We strive to develop the skills in our club members, which will enable them to become independent, re- spectful and caring adults who will be successful and contribute to global society.

Our staff members are highly educated and experienced in various fields of Sport, Sport Management and Educational Systems. They help our club to deliver through the best teaching methods the knowledge transfer and enriching society through the fusion of education, practice and research.

Partner 5: Club de Judo Newton – Spain
Club de Judo Newton (CJN) is a non-profit sports organization included in a larger one called Newton Activities which develop educational sports activities in the whole Madrid region and surroundings.

CJN is member of the Madrid Judo Federation and Royal Spanish Judo Federation.

Although it is a recently formed club, in only four years we have an excellent reputation due to the high experience and degree of our instructors and co-workers. We work in collaboration and cooperation with different organizations, both sports and educational ones. We are not only focused on improvement and development of Judo as a combat sport, but we also follow the philosophy and the values of our sport as a way of life. In that sense, our goal is to help all the people, no matter age, gender, religion, race, and similar projects. to improve their physical and social capabilities and self-esteem.

We are involved in different projects for our community, such as urban summer camps to help families with the work-life balance. Judo approaching for disadvantaged children, adventure camps for children and teenagers focused on environmental care and healthy life, judo programs for children and parents practising together at the same time. Since three years ago, we have been collaborating in a nice judo project with adults inside the autism spectrum disorder.

Since the foundation of CJN, more than 400 people were added to our judo community and shared our values and philosophy. We have now six high-qualified judo instructors who are working in our judo training programs in Madrid region in different schools and social centres.

Partner 6: Izmir Alsancak Gymnastics Specialized Sports Club – Turkey
İzmir Alsancak Jimnastik İhtisas Spor Kulubü – IZAJ SK is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental, private sports club, located in the west of Turkey in the city of İzmir. Our club was established on 01/03/2010 and is still a member of Turkish Judo Federation-TJF ( related to Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport.

Our staff members are highly educated and experienced in various fields of sport, sport management and educational systems. TJF certifies the club instructors. Also in İzmir city, 12 of the instructors completed IJF Academy Level-1 and 4 of them completed Level-2. They share their experience with us during the collaborations with other clubs. Our club is very proud of our blend of juniors, seniors and families. Many families include children, parents and even grandparents participating together.

We work in coordination and cooperation with a different type of organizations, both sports and education- al ones. Not only focusing on improving and developing judo as a martial art but also following the philosophy and the moral codes of our sport as a way of life. In this frame, our motto is to help all the people, no matter gender, age, religion, race or similar, to improve their physical and social capabilities.

We are involved in different projects for our community, such as disadvantaged children and Syrian children who are having fled the war to hold on Basmane-İzmir, Turkey focused on environmental care and healthy life.

The club managed to gather hundreds of judokas that learned judo and got the chance to become top judo players, judo referees and national coaches. Two of our coaches worked together with İzmir Police Department and local Police Training schools as self-defence experts. We always aimed to become positive role models for our society. Our club won many medals and trophies at local, regional, national and inter- national competitions in every age group from children to seniors. The club’s activities are on-going throughout the week with judo training, in the weekend’s judo competitions, monthly with judo events for kids, families and community, judo belt exams twice a year, and so on for and with more than hundred judokas and their families.

Our judo activities are; Judo for Beginners where children start to learn the basic motoric skills like how to run, fall, jump, add space awareness and balance to their physical development. Judo Education for advanced groups where besides the technical and physical progress also focusing on the social character of judo in terms of discipline, moral values and social inclusion. Judo Performance for judokas that use judo as a way of life and found great passion and joy while learning and training together. Since 2010 İzmir Ju- Te-Ka Gençlik ve Spor Kulübü maintained the mission of educating and adding value to our community.